Cambodia has many different lodging styles to offer, depending on your tour and your budget from simple to very luxurious. We usually stay in hotels, but depending on the region and the type of tour, we have good addresses of guesthouses. All the places where we stay have shower and toilet. But It is not always guaranteed that the water is hot! But you will not have to take a swim in a river or sleep in a hammock. Only on request!


You don’t need to bring a mosquito net with you. All guest houses are equipped with standard mosquito nets in the rooms if needed. If you wish, you can eventually bring a thin bed sheet, easy to carry in your backpack.

We travel as light as possible! A motorcycle jacket is not adapted to the climate because the temperature of Cambodia during the day is often between 25-35 ° C.
Just take a small soft bag of 20L max and the minimum: a pair of t-shirts, short or long pants, 1 pair of flip flops or sandals, toiletry bag and Camel Bag, essential to hydrate yourself at any time. You can easily find a laundry service in most of the hotels.
Don’t forget your rain jacket in the rainy season!

We lend all motorcycle equipment (protection, helmet, boots …).
However, if you wish to bring your own equipment, we are able to store it safely for the rest of your stay in Cambodia as well as your personal belongings for the duration of the Tour.
No driver will participate in our tours without wearing helmets, boots and gloves, this to ensure your safety and the smooth running of the tour for the entire group.

We will provide each participant with a map of Cambodia at the end of the Tour . Your guide will mark all the tracks you have covered on the map at the end of the tour. If you have a GPS, you can take it. We can download a Cambodian map for you on the GPS.
With your Smartphone, you have the possibility to use all known applications like Waze, Google Map, …

Level and licence

With our knowledge of Cambodia, we are able to choose the tracks adapted to your level, from easy to extreme:
Easy: You must be able to ride a motorcycle, change gears, use clutch and brakes. Asphalt, gravel roads and easy trails. No crossing of deep rivers, soft sand or technical tracks.
Medium: You must have some dirtbike experience and be able to drive on unstable tracks and overcome unexpected obstacles.
Hard: We recommend this level to experienced riders. Deep river crossings, deep sand, very muddy tracks in the rainy season, tree-like obstacles and minimalist bridges, rocky tracks, narrow and dense trails (heavily treed) in the jungle.
If the itinerary is too difficult, we can change the route for easier trails on request. We will be happy to help you in difficult situations such as river crossings and steep climbs.
Remember, we ride in group and do not race. Your security is our priority!

Yes, it is required and we do not take any driver without a license!

We opted for reliability, safety and efficiency using a motorcycle fleet of 16 Honda 250XR, equipped with electric starter and 2 Honda 400XR without electric starter and for experienced drivers, 8 Yamaha 450WRF with electric starter. Concerning our new Grand Touring (On Road) tours, being Mash importer, we have a fleet of 14 Mash Scrambler 400CC, particularly well adapted for Cambodia.
We have 3 Africa Twin and 2 Transalp available for direct rental without guide at $ 70/day (Roadbook and advice provided, mechanical assistance included).


Mandatory: For any motorcycle trip, you must have full travel insurance from your home country covering medical evacuation, hospitalization, etc.
We have a third party insurance for our bikes.

For more comfort during your tour, we can provide a four-wheel support vehicle, it will carry your luggage and any non-rider who wants to follow the Tour can join the adventure! Also, in the event that one of the participants feels tired or is sick, he will have the opportunity to put his bike on the pickup and continue the Tour. A large cooler is provided with water, soft drinks and fresh beers. The price of the support vehicle is $ 150/day to be shared between the participants.

In case of illness or serious accident, in Phnom Penh, the hospital infrastructure is very good. And if a delicate operation was necessary, Bangkok is at 35 minutes by helicopter and offers a very modern hospitalization service, equivalent or even superior to that existing in Europe.

As in any tropical country, there is a risk of malaria in some parts of Cambodia. Protect yourself with long pants and a long-sleeved shirt or use a mosquito spray (‘Insect Screen’ is very effective). Guest houses and hotels provide mosquito nets if there is a risk of malaria in these areas. You don’t need to bring your own mosquito net with you. For more information on preventive therapy, please contact your doctor

We are able to trigger a helicopter evacuation if necessary, hence the obligation of repatriation insurance.
For information, the price of an evacuation is around 25 000 $

Should I bring my travel pharmacy?
Yes, you can but your guide will always carry a complete first aid kit with him during the trip. In Cambodia, you will find in pharmacy all existing drugs and equivalents.


Mandatory: For any motorcycle trip, you must have full travel insurance from your home country covering medical evacuation, hospitalization, etc.
We have a third party insurance for our bikes.

A tourist visa is necessary for Cambodia. It is valid for 1 month and costs $35.
You can get it on arrival directly at the airport with 2 passport photos
You can also do it on Internet before your departure by going on the website

The currency of Cambodia is the “Riel” (US $ 1 = 4000 riels)
Take with you Dollars or Euros, easily exchangeable in Phnom Penh and big cities.
The Dollar is used all over the country, the local currency is used for extra money or change.
In major cities like Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Battambang, and other provinces, there are also ATMs. (change machines)

The Khmer Rouge era ended more than ten years ago and Cambodia is a very safe country to travel. The army and police control all areas of Cambodia and also ensure the safety of foreigners.
Cambodia is a very safe country where the style of life is really nice!