You think to discover Cambodia but you still hesitate? Do not hesitate and take your, this country is magical and it will amaze you for sure. But for the undecided, here are 10 good reasons to go to Cambodia without waiting anymore.

1 / An exciting story

The episodes of Cambodia’s stories have impacted the entire South Asian region. From the reign of the Khmer to the kingdom of Angkor Wat to the Khmer Rouge, it is a real journey back in time when you visit Cambodia. Close your history books and find out for yourself.

2 / A warm and welcoming people

The Khmers are really an extraordinary people. In spite of the wars of colonization and the dramas that the inhabitants of Cambodia have undergone, they remain warm and always helpful people. They have their hearts on their hands and will welcome you with their arms wide open.

3 / Historical vestiges

We can not talk about Cambodia without mentioning the temples of Angkor. It’s a real open-air museum waiting for you by visiting the site including the famous temple of Angkor War, the largest religious building in the world!

4 / Paradise beaches

Cambodia is not only temples but it is also beautiful beaches that are located in the south of the country. I particularly recommend the island of Koh Rong Samloem which is a real paradise on earth.

5 / A cheap destination

Cambodia is indeed a very cheap destination with a night at the hostel below 5 euros and a meal that costs around 2 euros. A backpacker would find it quite his account.

6 / A country easy to access

With 2 major international airports in Phnon Penh and Siem Reap, we go to Cambodia quite easily from France. Tickets are also affordable with an average of 400-500 euros for a round trip in off season.

7 / Visa on the spot possible

No steps to take before your trip, the visa for Cambodia is done on the spot, at the airport. Just make $ 30 and a photo ID.

8 / A nice weather

The weather is nice in Cambodia with mild temperatures and little precipitation from November to March.

9 / A safe country

Security should not be a problem in Cambodia. Very few incidents will be reported, let alone with tourists.

10 / Healthy and delicious food

Cambodian cuisine is not very well known in the world but it is still excellent. Enjoy southern seafood, including Kep crabs and Kampot pepper.

I hope you like this article and that it made you want to go to Cambodia without further delay.