To do a motorcycle roadtrip is, in our opinion, the best way to visit the country.The freedom of movement you can have riding a bike…

In a word FREEDOM !!

à” We loved visiting Cambodia in this way, this way of traveling remains among one of our most beautiful memories! We discovered small villages in which we would never have stopped with a bus. We were leaving at the time we liked, with the only constraint to complete the planned kilometers before dark. And at worst, you can stop sleeping anywhere! ”

We thought it might interest you to know a little bit more about our organization and some details that are sometimes so obvious that we could miss.

So here are some points that we think are important to remember :

The dress code: even if it’s hot, it is essential to ride covered! And even if the clothes will not prevent the big damage of an accident, they will protect a minimum your skin! Long clothes also protect against the sun, insects and dust.

A GPS:  a good GPS is essential! A good old map can help you, but it will not tell you where you are! Otherwise, as a real backpacker, you can stop and ask your way. It  works unless there is nobody on the roadside.

The rules of conduct: we must try to adapt to their behavior, no abrupt actions. For example, crossroads can be quite impressive (like everywhere in Asia) and seem completely chaotic.

Do not forget to wear a helmet ! It is obligatory ! 

Finally enjoy the trip and have a great time!