When we talk about Cambodia, we often think of the magnificent temples of Angkor. Cambodia is more than just temples. To discover Cambodia off the beaten path, you have to go to places where mass tourism is not present. Believe me, there are places that will leave you in love. Discover in our new article, the experiences of a trip to give you a taste of Cambodia off the beaten track.

A rather nice alternative to the road between Battambang and Siem Reap is the boat trip down the Stung Sangker River. More expensive and longer, however, the journey offers a great adventure off the beaten track for travelers who decide to travel the path that separate these two cities.

Hours to watch the Cambodian landscape and the lives of its inhabitants living along its course in houses on stilts or colorful boats. Some people prepare food, clean clothes or wash directly in the brown water of the river. Sometimes we meet fishermen who try to catch their next meal with their huge fishing net.

At the approach of Siem Reap, the river suddenly widens to give way to the Tonle Sap Lake with floating villages that move with the seasons. A river course that plunges us directly into the heart of rural Cambodia and the lifestyle of some of its inhabitants.

Not far from Kampong Cham is a sandy island still preserved just two kilometers from the city. Koh Paen is an island that can be reached from Kampong Cham by boat or a bamboo bridge depending on the season. If you want to use the bamboo bridge you have to wait for the dry season because there will be less water.

Once you are, it is the change of scenery. You take a motorcycle to go around in one day. On your way, you will discover small traditional houses decorated with beautiful vegetation and fruit trees, some temples and a school …

On the island of Koh Trong, time stops. Here, no car, only a few mopeds, but mostly bicycles and cart drawn by oxen and horses. We sleep there at home, on a mattress on the floor, we dine and lunch with his host family, we discover a whole new rhythm.

Cambodia off the beaten path, you imagine? it is about discovering Cambodia otherwise, far from the beaten track. It is to live experiences outside those we already know with mass tourism.

There are other places in Cambodia off the beaten track which you can find more information in the Lonely Planet Guide Cambodia – 10ed. Which ? These include, for example, the Koh Kong Conservation Corridor, the Prek Toal bird sanctuary, the Mekong discovery trail: discovering the river …